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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Alea Iacta Est (The Die Is Cast)

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When Caesar was ordered by the Senate to resign his military command, which is practically illegal since he’s entitled to command the army until his proconsular term expired, or face the ultimatum of being declared the enemy of the people. Due to jealousy of Caesar’s success in his Gallic campaigns the Senate has thought that this these charges can put stop to Caesar’s ambition and hoping that he will quietly retire and forgotten by the people as being called the enemy of the people and the republic is the same as being called a traitor and liable for any persecutions. The Senate however miscalculated Caesar commanded respect from the army and has the love of the people of Rome especially the plebians, if not the aristocrats.  

Face with either to quietly fade away from the public or face persecution from the false accusations of theft, tyranny and illegal warfare, Caesar has done what is unthinkable. With a single legion, he was said to utter the famous word and crossed the Rubicon bringing his army into Italy and the rest is history.

Alea iacta est.

It certainly feels that the die is cast now regarding the showdown between Tun Mahathir and Prime Minister Najib and base on my innocent observation the Prime Minister has now perform the biggest major blunder by proclaiming that Tun Mahathir is the one behind the ‘crisis’. A blunder that is much bigger than the ‘No Show’ event that happened last week. Just like Pompey and the Senate has miscalculated, so did the Prime Minister probably on the wrongly advice of his highly paid advisers is that Tun, just like Caesar still commands respect and surely the love of still many people in this country.

The claim that Tun is trying to mislead and maybe trying to influence the people is simply wrong. The Prime Minister are getting the wrong type of advisers who may still be thinking in the terms of ‘pemimpin’ and ‘rakyat’ and not ‘wakil’ and ‘rakyat’. The advisers may still be advising base on 20th century political mentality where the ‘wakil rakyat’ are voted to be the leader rather than what it’s supposed to mean which is simply the representative of the people.
It’s funny that the very people who understand actually what the job of ‘wakil rakyat’ happened to be a former one himself. Tun did not write as he had written to mislead or misguide the people. What he wrote was simply what the ‘rakyat’ has been asking. It is as simple as that. What we need is just answers. If we had asked the wrong questions where there are no answers then at least show us where we are wrong rather than trying to shut down the only voice where many people from various different race, religion and political affiliation can find a common cause.

To the Prime Minister, I ask nothing than you to tell the truth. I know that the money are gone but at least show me where they went to. Show me where the photos of the power plants that the money was suppose to have bought. Tell me how those power plants are supposed to help me and my fellow Malaysians?  How many jobs will the plants help created for us? Will you ensure that after this to let businesses to be run by businessmen rather than politicians just like politics be run by politicians rather than businessman? You can still make your mark in our history by being the first prime Minister to actually be the leader of the representatives of the people. If not, may you step aside and resign with dignity so that a more capable person can replace you?


*To Tun Mahathir, do not relax your efforts, and thoroughly polish what you have already on the stocks, and - continue to represent me, to be my voice, to ask my questions as long as you are able to for the style of your composition, though I had always entertained the highest expectations of it, has yet surpassed my hopes, and has taken such a hold upon me, or rather has so fired my imagination.

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I wish you well and long life. You wont cross the Rubicon alone.

* The above is my reproduction of  Cicero's Letter to L. Lucius befitting the current scene.

Disclaimer : All images are for illustration purposes only and this blog author does not claim any copyright to the published images and he only copied the images already publicly available on the internet (unless stated). The blog author also wishes to state that his opinion posted on this blog are his alone and not paid by any political parties.

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