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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Magna Carta

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There have been two documented events called the Baron’s Revolt (or also known as Baron’s War) in medieval English history. The first was from 1215-1217 (also portrayed in the movie Robin Hood featuring Russell Crowe) and another one from 1264-1267. The important consequences of these events are the gradual changes from absolute monarchy system which has been in used for some times to the constitutional monarchy system which have since then been in use in many countries including our own.  The events also introduced a sets of documents known as the Magna Carta which has been the foundation of the freedom of the individual against any arbitrary authority as the important symbol of liberty.

In our modern country’s history, the constitution amendment in 1993 involves the limitation of the royals’ legal immunity. It was sees as a victory for the commoners after few incidents involving a few royal family and common people which were made into the news and could turn the people against the royals. It was not seen by the majority of the people at that time as just a fight between royalty and nobility (read ruling government) but the support from the nobles for the large segment of the people who are seem to be against the royals.

Photo Credit: FreeMalaysiaToday

There were few other spats between the royals and the nobles from then on but the event that happened a few days ago that seems to change its tune where the commoners are the one who seems to be supporting the royals this time instead of the nobles.

It all started after the ‘No Show’ incident by the Prime Minister where one of the royal questions what many commoners have been asking the Prime Minister, basically ‘What have you been hiding?’

There have been many questions which no answers were given even when the questions came from one of the most respected commoner in this country, the one who have ‘been there, done that’ once and have never been as far as I remember, shy away from answering any questions without having to resort to some written script during his time as the Prime Minister.

Photo Credit: FreeMalaysiaToday

Obviously, rather that turn up to the event that is supposed to be a platform to answer, if not all then at least some of the questions, as expected he did not turn up. Citing security matter (which I find it strange as the place itself is what can be said as the party’s own headquarters) and as we know he then left the country even when disaster struck East Malaysia.

Stranger more is that the Prime Minister then left to his nobles then to answer to the questions and one among them even dares to question the questioner. Later we hear the words that ‘royalties should be above politics’ and so on but my take is that while it is true, it has been used by this noble for a wrong reason and certainly out of place.

Photo Credit: JST Facebook Page

Yes, the royalty should be above politics by not showing preference of which parties especially during election time so not as to influence the commoner whom they will choose to be their modern day nobles. However, this new event is not about politics at all. This event is about questions from the commoners regardless of their political support, including from the ruling government’s party themselves has been asking. It got nothing to do with politics. It all got to do with how the government governs the country which will affect the commoners the most, rather the royals and the nobles. Since even the most respected commoner’s questions has even been brushed aside, then what can you expect when the questions comes from the more common commoners?

This could be trigger to what the nobles have not been imagining of, where the commoners sided with the royals against them. Could this also trigger our own Magna Carta to be written where we can have a truly transparent government in all possible things especially that involves the money which come from the taxes we’ve paid as long as they do not involve national security. We want to know what the money is going to use for before it’s being used and rather not know them only after they were gone. 

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Well, we'll probably will never know.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

When In Rome...

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No, this is not about my travel to Rome. In fact, I have never even been to Rome though I have many times over defeated and annihilated the Roman Legions leading the Carthaginian armies and even sacked and razed the city to the ground with my Hunnic hordes in few Total War games. Actually this post is about the phrase that many of us have read or heard which is "When in Rome, do as the Romans do” or “When in Rome, act as Romans”.  It is first attested in medieval Latin “Si Fueris Rōmae, Rōmānō vīvitō Mōre; Si Fueris Alibī, Vīvitō Sicut Ibi” (if you should be in Rome, live in the Roman manner; if you should be elsewhere, live as they do there); attributed to St Ambrose.

There is even a Malay proverb which reads “Masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang kerbau menguak” which practically advice us very much the same as the Latin quote above. While there are probably various meanings or places that we can use the proverb above, I’m going to talk specifically about the dress codes.

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We surely have heard regarding the sarong incident at one of the government office few days ago and like many other things that happened in this country, for me it’s a small issue blown out of proportion every time any politician opened their mouth. From a practically an issue regarding conforming to the dress code, it has become a political and even a religious issue, with accusations like the government is going to Talibanize the country, personal definition of what decent and what’s not decent to wear  to the minorities are losing their rights and so on. You can almost pick up various types of these kinds of answers on many blogs, news sites, forums and Facebook pages relating these incidents.

Photo credit: Suzanne G L Tan Facebook Page
There are some that gives their opinion of what is decent and what is not like saying that since they are confirming to their own office dress codes, then they must be confirming to other places dress codes. Look, just because you can wear something to some place, it does not mean that you can wear the same thing at every place. The dress codes are there for a reason and they varied from places to places. Not just government and public offices but there are also dress codes even for privately invited parties which one must follow if one wants to participate.

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I find it strange that the particular government office was forced to issue an apology because someone who came to their place did not conform to the office rules. I did not read about the apologies and wondering are they apologizing because they did not turn the woman away and come back when she’s dressed according to the rules or because rather than turning the woman away , they provided a solution where that saves everyone’s time?

Yes, there are times that some rules may no longer be relevant but as long at the rules is being in practice then should not we follow them? Yes, rules are made to be broken, but then we’re not English. Again the little non-issue has become a national and religious issue especially when every politician racing to show their faces on the newspaper get saying all sort of things.

Photo credit: FreeMalaysiaToday
However, coming from any other people I can simply say that these are political stunts but from this particular politician however there seems to be some sort of agenda which is not solely politics. I would rather not speculate much but this particular politician never seems to miss commenting on almost any issues that may (or may not) related to Islam. Whether that’s a coincidence or whether that’s what the type of person she is or even whether that’s what her constituents expected her to say, from the issues like azan and Octoberfest, my impression is that she’s that she’s trying to make Muslims feels ashamed for being what they are. 

This can even be seen from her personal attack on one of the Multiracial Reverted Muslims group founder related to the article posted on FreeMalaysiaToday where she in the first place tried to give the impression that the ruling is related to Islam and will probably infringe on her moral and maybe her own religious sensitivity. Luckily I’m not staying under her constituency so I will not bother much as long as her intentions are political.

Photo credit: MRM Facebook Page
I guess I should stop talking about this anymore since cheap politics are not within my listed interest and I would rather go back to read about Rome. Who knows, maybe someday I can afford to take my wife for a visit to the Roma Aeterna the Eternal City, the Caput Mundi, the Capital of the World, sitting in front of the Flavian Amphitheatre sipping Lavazza’s Crema e Gusto!

Any sponsors? 

Disclaimer : All images are for illustration purposes only and this blog author does not claim any copyright to the published images and he only copied the images already publicly available on the internet (unless stated). The blog author also wishes to state that his opinion posted on this blog are his alone and not paid by any political parties.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Alea Iacta Est (The Die Is Cast)

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When Caesar was ordered by the Senate to resign his military command, which is practically illegal since he’s entitled to command the army until his proconsular term expired, or face the ultimatum of being declared the enemy of the people. Due to jealousy of Caesar’s success in his Gallic campaigns the Senate has thought that this these charges can put stop to Caesar’s ambition and hoping that he will quietly retire and forgotten by the people as being called the enemy of the people and the republic is the same as being called a traitor and liable for any persecutions. The Senate however miscalculated Caesar commanded respect from the army and has the love of the people of Rome especially the plebians, if not the aristocrats.  

Face with either to quietly fade away from the public or face persecution from the false accusations of theft, tyranny and illegal warfare, Caesar has done what is unthinkable. With a single legion, he was said to utter the famous word and crossed the Rubicon bringing his army into Italy and the rest is history.

Alea iacta est.

It certainly feels that the die is cast now regarding the showdown between Tun Mahathir and Prime Minister Najib and base on my innocent observation the Prime Minister has now perform the biggest major blunder by proclaiming that Tun Mahathir is the one behind the ‘crisis’. A blunder that is much bigger than the ‘No Show’ event that happened last week. Just like Pompey and the Senate has miscalculated, so did the Prime Minister probably on the wrongly advice of his highly paid advisers is that Tun, just like Caesar still commands respect and surely the love of still many people in this country.

The claim that Tun is trying to mislead and maybe trying to influence the people is simply wrong. The Prime Minister are getting the wrong type of advisers who may still be thinking in the terms of ‘pemimpin’ and ‘rakyat’ and not ‘wakil’ and ‘rakyat’. The advisers may still be advising base on 20th century political mentality where the ‘wakil rakyat’ are voted to be the leader rather than what it’s supposed to mean which is simply the representative of the people.
It’s funny that the very people who understand actually what the job of ‘wakil rakyat’ happened to be a former one himself. Tun did not write as he had written to mislead or misguide the people. What he wrote was simply what the ‘rakyat’ has been asking. It is as simple as that. What we need is just answers. If we had asked the wrong questions where there are no answers then at least show us where we are wrong rather than trying to shut down the only voice where many people from various different race, religion and political affiliation can find a common cause.

To the Prime Minister, I ask nothing than you to tell the truth. I know that the money are gone but at least show me where they went to. Show me where the photos of the power plants that the money was suppose to have bought. Tell me how those power plants are supposed to help me and my fellow Malaysians?  How many jobs will the plants help created for us? Will you ensure that after this to let businesses to be run by businessmen rather than politicians just like politics be run by politicians rather than businessman? You can still make your mark in our history by being the first prime Minister to actually be the leader of the representatives of the people. If not, may you step aside and resign with dignity so that a more capable person can replace you?


*To Tun Mahathir, do not relax your efforts, and thoroughly polish what you have already on the stocks, and - continue to represent me, to be my voice, to ask my questions as long as you are able to for the style of your composition, though I had always entertained the highest expectations of it, has yet surpassed my hopes, and has taken such a hold upon me, or rather has so fired my imagination.

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I wish you well and long life. You wont cross the Rubicon alone.

* The above is my reproduction of  Cicero's Letter to L. Lucius befitting the current scene.

Disclaimer : All images are for illustration purposes only and this blog author does not claim any copyright to the published images and he only copied the images already publicly available on the internet (unless stated). The blog author also wishes to state that his opinion posted on this blog are his alone and not paid by any political parties.